JUNE 30 - SEP 3, 2023       •

Pop In The City is a bold and ballsy, burst of popular culture in the heart of the City. This surreal and unmissable installation will bring life, color and a full ton of fun to the Midtown cityscape this summer. Enter this unique wonderland via a giant slide to find yourself in an immersive, abstract take on New York, its people, and its culture.


Herald Square (outside Macy’s)
Broadway, between 34th and 35th Streets
104 W 35th St, New York, NY 10018

Friends throw balls in the air while in a ballpit
The Pop In The City inflatable next to a West 33rd St Sign
Cartoon of a cityscape
Pop In The City Logo
A cartoon of an olive
Cartoon of a skull

Oversized ball pits, live DJs, cutting edge effects and lighting and two hundred glittering disco balls are just some of the things to expect as you explore this incredible walk, swim and slide-through experience. Grab your friends and family and be sure not to miss out on this incredible, interactive pop-up.

Cartoon of a pigeon

A bold & ballsy...


curiously surreal

Cartoon of a pizza

burst of pop culture

Sneaker illustration

in the heart of the city

Emire State Building
Cityscape illustration

Tickets are strictly limited for this 8 week pop-up event. Grab yours now by clicking the link below.

A cartoon of a fire hidrant
Pop In The City Logo

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